Flags of Europe

How EU can benefit you

The primary concern of the Eu when it first formed was to ensure that war could never again take over Europe as it had done before. This objective has been achieved so the EU looked for more ways in which to improve daily life.


EU member states have taken action to protect the environment. Then is it not surprising that Europe?s rivers and beaches are cleaner, vehicles pollute less and there are strict rules for waste disposal, for example dangerous waste from Europe can no longer be dumped in poor countries as was previously the case. The EU wants good industry, transport, energy and tourism but it will not sacrifice the environment for this, so, it will not destroy natural resources but wants it done with sustainable development so it will allow are economies to grow well into the future.

The Euro

The Euro is the EUs biggest achievement. It is a single currency that is shared among all EU countries. So if you go abroad on holiday you don?t have to change your money. Each note or coin has the same design but on one side you have the national emblem on the other side. Find it impressive that when you?re paying for your milk in your local shop you could get change in a Spanish Euro coin, and somewhere in Spain a person has got an Irish coin back. This gives a sense of closeness among neighbouring EU countries.

Young People

As much as 2million young people have already taken advantage of EU to pursuer studies and travel in other European countries As a result EU makes sure it schemes for educational exchange and helps young people to experience other countries and cultures. Young people of Europe have the chance to broaden their horizons by working and living in new countries and getting to grips with different languages.

More opportunities

Being a EU citizen you can travel across Europe without a passport and without being stopped at borders. Travel for shopping, leisure or business from one country to another will be cheap because there is no money exchange and no commission paid. So basically any EU citizen can live ,work and retire in any EU member state if they wish so.

Equal opportunities

The EU bans discrimination. The EU believes our society is fairer and more efficient when we do not discriminate over race, religion, nationality, gender or any other factors. The first EU treaty contained a clear view that men and women have equal pay and equal work.

Freedom, security and justice for all

EU countries are working together to tackle international crime such as terrorism. And prevent the cross border trafficking of drugs and even people. Being in the EU, you are protected by EU laws.

Exporting peace and atability

The main reason the EU is together is because of peace (after WW2 the EU was formed so that another war would never ravage through Europe again). So the EU came up with the idea of using practical achievements and to create a sense of common progress between member states.